I’m not used to being relaxed.

ImageThat, my friends, is the best picture I was able to get with my poor camera – but the experience could not be captured by a picture, anyways. To see people you watch on sites such as YouTube who make music that puts meaning into every bone in your body so close to where you stand (the camera makes it look much further) is so surreal. You almost forget they’re human until you see them breathing and moving in the same room. Yes, I admit, that’s quite pathetic of me.

But after this hectic week of school and an amazing concert that I enjoyed with every last bit of voice, I have no plans this Saturday. It sort of depresses me that things such as the concert can end so quickly and not represent the majority of your life. I have to pull myself away from such wonderful things and return back to my blessed but hardly exciting life.

This is why I like to distract myself and go out. It keeps me from thinking about life and stressing myself out.


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