58187_195000517309170_1835545459_nOften we find ourselves wandering through life. We find ourselves at a certain place, with a certain state of mind, and have no idea what to do with it all. We have dreams and we have an idea of a person we want to be like. Something inside is pulling us towards these goals. After a certain amount of time dreaming, we can finally envision it all; we see how happy we would be then as apposed to now.

So we go for it. We run, we push, we fight, and we struggle. We decide that nothing is going to hold us back. We’re warriors and we’re strong. For a long time we’re succeeding.

But we get to point where the doubt comes in. We begin to envision losing. We fear both failure and success. Everything inside tells us to stop, pull back. Your heart hurts as it battles with the brain. But no matter, you have to keep pushing. Oftentimes the hardest part of a battle is right at the end. So fight the demons, slay every last one of them. Don’t let all your progress go to waste. No matter what it takes, just go.


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