Moving Forward

So after a brutally embarrassing failure of a grade nine activity yesterday at lunch (no one showed up – those who did left), I felt very discouraged and didn’t feel like I could ‘live up’ to the title of Deputy of my school. No one had my back. The girl I won the election over seems to be against me (teenage girls – why so dramatic?) and that shouldn’t be happening in a student council.

All in all, a very depressing experience. In one lunch period I went from excited to traumatized. Such little things seem to matter a great deal, though they shouldn’t. I thought about how one should get over things and not dwell on the uncomfortable past experience one faces. It inspired me to post yesterday’s blurb. Still, I felt discouraged and didn’t want to face the Senate meeting I had downtown today, where all the PM’s and DPM’s meet from all schools in the board.

But sometimes, when you’re afraid of something, you just got to take a deep breath and deal with it. We’re not allowed to keep every proud and fearful thought from progressing us forward. So I went of course, as I am obliged to.

What’s great is that my Prime Minister didn’t hold it against me. He didn’t let yesterday’s embarrassment defile my character. As well, lots of new, great ideas were presented and discussed. So instead of dwelling, I was looking forward, eager and ready for the next challenge.

I suppose it works for everyone, and everyone knows the lesson: don’t let your failures keep you from your success. In fact, you’ll learn. Unfortunately, I’m definitely not the best at learning from my mistakes.

All in all, it was a good day – very productive. Now it’s the evening and I just got back home, hungry and tired. Still some work to do though!


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  1. Paul says:

    Keep your head up. Sometimes you gotta fail before you can succeed – just the way life is. I liked when you said, “sometimes, when you’re afraid of something, you just got to take a deep breath and deal with it.” I can relate. Sometimes you have yo swallow your pride, be honest, and deal with something straight on. That’s what leaders do. Good luck!

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