Sometimes, to get over someone who’s bringing you down, trying to hold you back, or just isn’t the most pleasant person, you have to look at them more. You have to find what it is that makes them likable. You have to find the beauty in the beast.

So the girl I was concerned about, trying to ‘overthrow’ me. The tyrant. She continues, whether or not she realizes how diminishing that feels. To write about it makes it feel a lot better because I can exaggerate just how terrible she is to complement how I feel.

I will have to find what I do like about her, the good initiatives she has with what she’s doing, and try to either ignore or confront her on what bothers me.

There will always be those in your life that frustrate you: a pestering cousin, a jealous friend, an obnoxious schoolmate.  And though we like to think how terrible they are, what really sets us free of our burden is to accept them and to see the good in them.

So look at the rude cashier and sincerely thank her and wish her a good day. Look at a grumpy old man criticizing your wardrobe on a bus and tell him that he has a great sense of fashion.

Building up anger barricades you from the freedom of peace.


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