A Religious Post

I’m starting to learn that although the church is great and for me, fundamental in my life, it is not the only place to find God. God does not hide away, waiting for people to find Him. He’s in everything and waiting for someone to notice Him. In everything there is beauty. One can appreciate medieval times though there was a very bad church history. One can appreciate charms and luck feng shui without being disobedient to Christianity. This works in all faiths. By looking at, loving, and appreciating even those things that don’t abide by your religion’s rules, you are not being disloyal or unfaithful. You are doing what was intended – loving life. 


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  1. Love this! God can be found everywhere and I love how different people see and experience him in different things. For some it might be music, others nature, etc. I love how God speaks to me when I write. It becomes a discipline to write, then, so I can hear from him. And God can be seen in all people – whether Christian of not. I love it. Where do you find God most?

    1. 3mmal3igh says:

      Unfortunately one of the Christian struggles (I’m Anglican) is that I’ve been awful busy lately and not been looking for him as often as I should have. I find him when traveling, though, when seeing new things. It’s so easy to grow used to the things you see every day and then it becomes ordinary. I find God in the extraordinary, especially.

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