I think it’s very important to sometimes slow down, be lazy, even get sad. It’s important to see things from a different perspective. Not always can we see the world through sunny lenses.

The world is full of paintings, sculptures, books, people with stories, trees to climb, parks to walk through, benches to sit on, tea, bakeries, lakes. Every once in a while, put down things that we’re told make us successful – work, tests, exercise weights – and pick up things that fill the soul with something enriching.

I think the important thing is to feel. We spend so much time doing things we forget the emotions and drive behind it. Why are we doing these things?

Without letting everything be about how it makes you feel (some things we just have to do), sometimes we just need to let the sun warm our skin, or let the rain penetrate it. Sometimes we need to write a paper and put a real personal opinion in it – turn it into something epic.

Life is about the moments that lead us to goals, but also the moments that make it all worthwhile.


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  1. I think feeling actually takes time–more than most people have time for, especially people not used to assessing their feelings. A thoughtful post.

    1. 3mmal3igh says:

      It’s definitely a skill not everyone learns in time. Thank you!

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