Before We Turn to Stone

Coming across Ingrid Michaelson’s song Turn to Stone, the lyrics, “and learn our souls are all we own,” I started thinking…

The song is about living before death (turning to stone). It’s about living open-minded and atoning and moving forward, or at least that’s what my interpretation is. But the fact that owning our souls is all we have really invites you to remember that what we have on earth that is tangible will not carry on, it will not last, and it is not really ours. It belongs to the physical world or the earth, whichever you prefer to think of.

What carries on with us (now thinking of U2’s song Walk On) is our souls. What is a soul? Some think it’s a conscience. Some think it’s our personality. I believe it is anything that we can carry beyond the world, can look into and find nothing material, but just as sentimental: memories, desires, regrets, love, fear, and perhaps something spiritual if you’re into that.

Everything you hold right now will not last. It will eventually decompose or end in some manner. This is not a depressing thought, for we shouldn’t put too much faith and love into things that we can hold. But we can love people, because what we love about them is not tangible. We can love places because it is the culture and spirit of the environment that we are infatuated with.

I do have my jewelry that I love. I have books that make me feel alive in a new world. I have things but in the end, it is what lasts in my soul, in my heart, in my mind that is truly mine and will stay with me forever.


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