I think I’m too nostalgic for my own good.

Sometimes it holds me back, but tonight I’m just thinking about how I used to be, think, and feel. It went from really great to really bad and now it’s mediocre, my life. I just want to get it back to really good.

And how does one do that? Feel the way a child feels?

  • learn that everyone and everything is beautiful, even if it’s really deep down
  • remember that a smile can heal a lot more than you think
  • find joy in every simple thing
  • run and twirl and don’t care about looking like a fool
  • when you’re mad and sad, get really really mad and sad and then get over it in two minutes
  • love your family unconditionally because they’re the ones that brought you into the world and brought you up in it
  • try your best at everything – don’t fear failure
  • become intrigued by everything
  • don’t do things because it’s popular. do it because you really want to do it.
  • if people tell you it’s wrong, listen to why and make your own decisions with that in mind
  • eat for energy, and not for looks
  • be friendly to everyone
  • experiment

I think I have a bit of an obsession with the past. It used to be as bad as Jay Gatsby’s, but I’ve learned to move forward much better. Still, the person I used to be takes me by the hand and walks with me through life every day. I can’t just leave her behind. I can’t just forget my roots. I can learn though, I can reinvent myself, and I can grow.

Nostalgia is frowned upon, but sometimes we need to reminisce to find ourselves all over again. But the future is grand and nothing to fear. It is wonderful and magical and everything we imagined it to be when we were kids. There is still a bright light that we reach for – but unlike the past, we can actually grab it.


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