Why Growing Up Is So Hard (for adolescents)!

The problem with growing up is that up until our last years of high school (or longer), we’ve categorized people into three types:

  • adults (20+)
  • teenagers (13-19)
  • kids (<13)

By the time we’re teenagers, we have outgrown “kids” and quite honestly, try the best to ignore them. It’s the adult world that we still haven’t explored. Always we look at adults as parents, business people, or even the elderly. We cannot possibly associate ourselves with those people, for we’re still students.

The fact is, we’re going to be adults. We’re going to be those parents, or businessmen, or elderly folks. In due time. Until then, we feel like we’re foreign aliens in a world not meant for us. We have to learn that we’ll merge into that world, however scary it may be.



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