A very good family friend of mine went missing yesterday. You see so many posts on Facebook and other social media sights about missing persons, but they all become so haunting when you know them, when you’ve seen those eyes look at you in real life.

It feels different. It feels real.

The thing is, sometimes life hits you with something because you’re caught up in the clouds for a bit too long. Reality strikes like a newspaper article about a family member gone missing. I hadn’t seen her in a while. I believe the last time I saw her was in Germany, about a year ago. We used to go to the cottage together in the summers, though. She was a great artist, like my sister – they got along well. I knew her.

Now, the fact is I might not have a chance to see her again, to help her.

Tragedies happen in life and we think we learn from them. The truth is, you feel something in the moment, you worry until you cannot sleep. But one day that feeling will pass. The memory of the scenario still lingers somewhere as this dream-like sentiment but I feel like unless you really absorb the situation (though sometimes hard to do), life will keep throwing bricks at you until you have to fight through a wall and are forced to get back to reality.

Please pray for 18 year-old Victoria Strehlau, a student at the University of Windsor. May God watch over her and her family.


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