Fresh Start

It’s been a while…. 

Just like many things, only in its absence do you recognize the value of something. Daily posting is definitely something I think I should start back up – mainly to sustain mental stability. 

I’m young, I’m uncultured, I’m naive. To put myself in a world where people can judge my life, my fears, my ignorance, and my feelings is always just a little threatening. Realizing just how young I am – only now approaching the university years this fall – and meeting people who have established successful lives, I’m reminded of how little I’ve experienced and how much there is yet to come. 

Yet, I’ve also seen people close to me fall apart, falling into addictive habits in fear of never becoming great. 

New beginnings are whenever you want them to be – not just New Year’s Day, birthdays, or the beginning of a school year. If you wake up and decide that your life is not what you want it to be, go out and do what will fill the emptiness in your heart. You’re not here to work to live. You’re not here to walk around a routine for the sake of security, never reaching for the stars. You’re here to experience all that you can and be happy. We’re all meant to be happy. 


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