A girl looked up at her grandmother as they held hands walking through the shoe department. The grandmother pointed at a pair of shoes, the first pair the young girl would have seen. Equally sweet and satisfied, the girl said she liked them. 

“Let’s take a look around for more though,” the grandmother recommended to the girl. Happy to be in the company of the elderly woman, the girl agreed and they carried on through the messy array of small footwear. 

I had to ask myself why people do this. Why, when satisfied with one thing, do we continue to look? I asked my friend and he responded that we want to find something better. 

We buy things we like and have an established wardrobe only to go out shopping again soon after to find even more, even better items. We are constantly on the look for bigger, superior things. This can affect relationships, careers, and even living conditions. 

I would like to be the one who can see what I have and be truly grateful. I think that’s the way it was meant to be. But we live in a capitalistic world where we can never be simply content with what we have. That leads to less economical productivity. Therefore we continue to buy, continue to look, continue to move on from things. 

Take a moment to not want more. Take a moment to like the first thing you see and don’t look beyond that – just for a moment. 


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