It’s hard to not think about the loved one you lost. By God do I know how hard it is to have someone one day and lose them the next. It’s hard and it’s painful, but there’s a way. 

And when the rain dies down and the fog has cleared you will see a world of inspiring places and people, a world of exciting opportunities, a world of comfort and glory, a world that you belong to. 

See, we find home in people because we love the way they make us feel. I won’t say that’s a bad thing, it just sucks entirely when they’re no longer with you – by divorce, by death, or by mere change in character. And suddenly you’re homeless. That’s why you feel so afraid, cold, and scared. You search aimlessly in people, in movies, and maybe in drugs to find a place just as satisfying. 

The thing is, you’re enough. You are made of the universe and  you hold its potential. You have skills and talents that you have yet to discover. You have a light that might seem inconspicuous in the endless sky but you hold a constellation together. You have a purpose and a role and when you fulfill that, you’ll find your home. 


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  1. directorb says:

    Great post! As you said we have so much potential and worth and sadly we fail to always see that, but it is there.

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