Be Different and Know It

I truly believe that some things were meant to be whether that makes me romantic or naive. The thing is, everybody has something(s) that they are good at – something that differentiates and benefits them. We need all sorts of talents in this world even if people tell you that history is dead (wut) or that art is overlooked. Everything is important and everything just adds to the beautiful and diverse world we live in. Marketing is important, though, and so is the job pool. 

The point is not about career options, though. I don’t believe a first-year English student can give those sorts of opinions. I just firmly believe in talent and interests and going with what seems right. If it’s wrong, it may hurt and you may get slapped in the face hard enough to pivot your body around but at least then you’ll be facing the right way. It’s when we’re steering into a place we’re not meant to go (a place we don’t want to go ultimately) that we suffer depression and anxiety. 

Life will carry you all sorts of ways. I don’t even believe it’s just a mountain anymore. Life is the mountain, the grass below and between, the river passing through, and the wind dancing around the peaks. It will carry you every direction and through every terrain. But there’s something that will carry you through that’s specific to you. Not everybody has every limb and not everybody has the same mindset,  but we all climb, run, swim, and fly through life. 


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