These judgments are just getting to me. Never before my academic decision have I had a huge mass disagreeing with me. I’ll tell an acquaintance of my intentions for the future and I’m greeted by the all-too-familiar look of horror and pity in equal parts. I want to console them and ensure them I’ll be okay but sometimes I even doubt that of myself. They’ll go on to talk about others who have gone into more practical occupations and the importance of feeding off of the job market. I’ve heard it all before, folks. I’ve known the risks but still there is something inside of me that can only be soothed by loving sonnets or cynical dystopian novels. My pen rushes to the paper regardless of if the symbols spell out a meaning or just nonsense. 

Science will explain that we are human. Art proves our humanity. 

Engineering and construction may build streets, streetlights, and buildings, but without art, there are no humans to waltz through those streets or passionately embrace under the streetlights, or rush into the buildings to avoid the rain. 

Please don’t tell me that I’m not important enough by reminding me of the limited job availability of my degree. I will find a way. I am strong and smart enough. Trust me. Or I’ll prove you wrong. 


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