Random Pep Talk

Sometimes I feel like there isn’t such a thing as happy ending. Yes, that sounds depressing. Yes, that is pessimistic. Yes, that is rather unrealistic. Yes, that’s selfish. Yes, that’s neglectful of the blessings I already have. However, it still passes through my mind. 

Just sometimes things don’t go right or meaningful people disappear. Sometimes you learn a hard lesson at a hard part in your life. But you know what? Life goes on and it will get better. 

This post has been done and said many times before, I understand. Everybody needs a pick-me-up, though. Lay down in a bathtub and soak up the comfort of it then delight in tea and other lovely things. Then don’t lay down anymore. Get up and go. If you lay down long enough, life’s vultures will start soaring around you and it’ll be harder to escape. So take a moment, but then take a step –  however hard that might be. 

Have goals. Keep reaching towards them. Even if that goal is to wake up and acknowledge the day will happen anyway so you’d might as well enjoy it. Just do it. Just enjoy life. Don’t over-complicate it if you don’t have to. It’s beautiful. Don’t think of the bad things when  you’re already feeling bad. Remember the trillions of starts in the darkness of the night. Remember how glorious they seem, especially on a crisp fall evening. 

You’re worth fighting for. Sometimes people won’t fight for you but you can always fight for yourself. 


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