I don’t know where I’m going

Headlights at all angles

flashing, driving me crazy.

Driving –

away from

or to something?

Engine roaring,


wind shrieking through the crack

in the window.

I am alive and breathing.

But I don’t know where I’m going.

Clack, snap, pill, swallow.


Vodka doesn’t burn any more

than rain is wet.

I drink.

The headlights have blurred,

but they are


Honks, louder, faster,

shrieking through the cracks

of the window.

Pull to the right,

slow down, stop.

Breath quiets, engine shuts off.

I am alone and breathing.

Gilded buildings over the lake,

swans floating on cold glitter,

illumined by the mysteries of man.

Sand burying my tires slowly,

I step out.

Cool grains layer my feet.

Traction as I walk.

Only in soft clothes do I feel warm,

so I pull my sweater closer.

Waves curl their tongues;

I hear them licking.

Shallow, shimmering waters over


I don’t know where I’m going,

but I’m sure of where I am.

I am breathing.


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