I’m Tired

I’m tired of seeing mascara adds trying to pretend that dark, thick lashes will add vivaciousness to the heartbroken woman’s life.

I’m tired of hearing empty promises and hollow compliments from people who don’t care about my rise but don’t want to be blamed for my fall.

I’m tired of writing and singing and putting on a show everyday to please the people that don’t care about my rise.

I’m tired of being told I have a good life because I have electricity and a family and dogs and clothes and food, meanwhile I’m here wasting away because I have nothing to offer the world.

I’m tired of muting my screams because I don’t want to disrupt other people’s peace.

I’m tired of being tired and not being able to sleep.

I’m tired of not being who I am.

I’m tired of loving and then suddenly not loving, leaving those who fall for me in a complete chaotic mess.

I’m tired of hurting those who fall for me.

“I’m tired of living, but I’m scared of dying.”

I’m tired.


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