To All the Men I Ever Cared About

Dear Blondie – I kind of feel bad about chasing you in kindergarten, demanding you to marry me. It’s been about 15 years, but I’d like you to know that I don’t do that anymore.

Dear Shy Guy – Our timing wasn’t right. I cared about you for years, before I knew love was even a thing. When you finally bat your eye at me, I guess I didn’t know what was good for me. Sorry for being too afraid to take a chance on the perfect guy. I knew you deserved better.

Dear Man – You’re awesome, but you ruined some relationships. You should have seen what you were doing.

Dear Geek – You. Changed. Everything.

Dear Boy – I don’t think you’re capable of human emotion, but I was earnest, raw, and selfless when it came to loving you. I’ve forgiven you time and time again because I want to see you turn into the good guy. But I don’t think you ever will.

Dear King – Sorry for ruining your nights of celebration.

Dear Buff Guy – I’ve said everything I could possibly say to you. I’m not in the wrong. I hope you find some sense of what you actually do to people. And I hope you educate yourself more.

Dear Friend (Zoned) – If there’s such a thing as Platonic love, then it is that way with you. I admire you, and I hurt every time you decide to walk away. I tried forcing feelings, but I couldn’t. I wish your decision to stay in my life wasn’t based on satisfying your need for romance. I never meant to hurt you.

Dear Momma’s Boy – I think you’re the closest thing to me being happy again.

Dear Jesus – Thanks for setting the example. Sorry I forget about it a lot. I’m trying.


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