It’s Easy

It’s easy to admit defeat and to lay in darkness for hours, forgetting what the light of day looks like.

It’s hard to stay awake a full day without napping and filling up time with productive things.

It’s easy to say rude things and push people away.

It’s hard to reach out, to get involved in a conversation, to love.

It’s easy to retreat to food or knives or drugs.

It’s hard to turn your pain into something meaningful.

It’s easy to cut someone out of your life.

It’s hard to say sorry and to surrender pride to ask for forgiveness.

It’s easy to say nothing’s out there.

It’s hard to pray to something you’ve never seen before.

It’s easy to blare music and to listen to others tell their stories.

It’s hard to sit in silence and to deal with your own life.

It’s easy to want to run away.

It’s hard to actually do it.

It’s easy to pop an umbrella open.

It’s hard to deal with the rain.


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