Navy suitcase, resting in the corner

Scented candle dying down

Memories, as they do, entrance my mind

and my body is numb.

Between the blankets and the sheets

on a cot I don’t call home

Suitcase half-open, sleeve hanging out

And I remember an arm waving

out the window of a train

when snow fell and scarves warmed.

Journal left untouched in mourning

of experiences never had

Letters from ‘loved ones’ miss me,

but the people don’t.

Candle burned out; it’s dark

but I can’t move

I can’t breathe

so I think to keep it all alive.

Eyes close, mouth wide,

I remember kisses

Floating above sheets and

suffocating under blankets

Life and love, alike, hinder freedom.

So I pack my suitcase and I leave,

an empty candle left as a reminder

as a memory.

You’re gonna miss me.


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