And I walked through the halls

and saw the ghost of you

and I walked through and remembered

everything we knew

and I cherished each memory

like I could capture them anew

but alas we are waking

to a morn with strange dew.

I feel the spirit of my father

telling me to stay strong

and the heart of my mother

keeping my right from my wrong

and your hand on my waist

as I sang you our song

and I remember it especially

when the nights grow long.

If I could catch the ghosts

and hold them dear

and watch the rest of the world

unfold and disappear,

I’d do anything I could

to have you here

and watch wine turn from something clear.

And I feel you as I walk

through the halls of the ghosts

and I hear you with the angels

as I listen to the hosts

and I’ll read you in every novel

wishing I could write just to boast

about how our love lingers

even in the souls of ghosts.


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