Be Careful Where You Step

Be careful where you you step

for the world’s plates shift

with every man’s breath.

You will want to face one way,

but the wind will blow you another.

You cannot fight such a strong force.

The wind is stronger

than the cross that burdens your back.

The water is stronger

than the rock that lays under your step.

Sometimes in the ocean you will lose balance

and you will step on a jagged stone,

but your blood will be washed clean

and you will be safe to step again.

Sometimes the wind picks up houses

and breaks them apart

and leaves them somewhere

they’ve never been.

But maybe Kansas was never really home.

The world has an agenda

and we must abide by its livid ways.

Even the grounded cross breaks down by water,

and even rocks are shattered by the wind.

Be careful where you step,

because the world is a scary place.

But even the face of an angel is frightening,

and even the dark night brings miracles.

Be careful where you step,

but do not be afraid.


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