I’ve been kissed all over,

but that doesn’t mean your lips

have a right to my skin.

Simply because I am ‘impure’,

simply because I have been ‘known’

doesn’t allow me to be

undone by anyone.

I am dressed to the best because I respect

myself and the rest.

My bones have been heavy

and I’ve been pulled to be revealed,

but what they uncovered was never

really me.

They have seen my flesh and

they have tasted my skin with their lips,

but they will never have a sense of my heart,

my soul,

my mind,

this indisputable bind between

what I believe in and He who believes in me.

I am not a nun

or a saint

or a prophet.

I cannot be re-gifted.

Instead I will look to He who was lifted

and carried the cross off my back and my spine

and even the nonbelievers’ stars will align.

No, I am not a virgin,

but that doesn’t mean my beliefs aren’t pure.

That doesn’t mean I don’t deserve a white dress on the

day I say ‘I will always’

to my husband.

I’ve been kissed all over,

but more importantly I have been touched to the core

of my heart.

I have known love just as love has known me.

And one day, I will be free from the chains of sin,

the day I will say ‘I do’ to Him.


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