Wonder Woman

Every time you look into his eyes,

you feel a sense of ‘I don’t belong here’,

and you immediately think about the tall, handsome,

and friendly guy who would look at you in pure


You wonder if you’re selfish to want to

always feel that special,

but lately you’ve been thinking about

that one time you were in love,

that one time you felt so happy with someone.

You felt like fucking Wonder Woman.

You can wear leggings and sweaters and

he’ll see you as if you’re wearing your sexy suit.

You can wear your glasses and he’ll see through them.

You can decide to cook a healthy dinner,

or crave the world of chocolate and he’ll love you.

He’ll love you, no matter what.

And that isn’t to say that the guy you’re with –

the guy whose eyes don’t match your excitement

for the future, for life, for love –

doesn’t love you. He probably does.

But in the end, he doesn’t see you for who you are.

Is that really love, then?

You don’t open up more, don’t try more, don’t

communicate more,

because you know if you do he won’t hear you.

You don’t want to be silenced,

and you fear being ignored.

You want to be Wonder Woman –

someone everyone looks at with pure amazement.

You don’t want to speak up because

you don’t want to be rejected by a man who says

he loves you.

And so listen to yourself when you say, “I don’t belong here.”

Tell him that.

Because in your eyes is a sparkle that outshines

the rest of human passion.

And it deserves to be seen with eyes

just as brilliant as your own.


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