You will condemn me for

feeling nothing.

You will punish me for willing

away the dark.

You will rip away my dignity

for trying to gain one.

You are the monster who

destroyed me,

and yet you claim to be the one

who made me.

Dear anxiety,

dear fear,

dear hurt, pain, long-suffering,

you are not the bricks

that make up my castle.

You are not the doors that

keep me safe.

You are the locks, the dungeon,

the moat

within the castle that I made

by myself.

In fact, you are trapped within

my castle.

I am the queen; you are the prisoner.


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  1. As a fellow blogger with ‘’ just wanted to say I LOVE love love this poem because it is so empowering. I can feel the power in your writing. It’s awesome…keep it up!

    1. emmatomic says:

      Thank you so much! Means a lot!

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