I Have Boobs and I’m Mad

So a friend recently shared a photo to Facebook with a large caption. Underneath a photo of two beautiful women wearing something one might wear to go clubbing in New Jersey there was a description of what a CEO (supposedly) said to the women after they (supposedly) arrived like that to a meeting. The CEO told the women that the finest things in life (i.e. gold, diamonds, and pearls) were covered up and hidden, only to be found through hard work and deep excavation.

Now, that sounds all fine and dandy. Women should hide what is only given naturally to them because it’s “precious”. Yea, see, I always thought misogyny was the finest poet – and liar.

What happens to diamonds when they are found, cleaned, and cut? They are worn boldly, sparkling brightly in the light, not to be hidden any longer.

What happens when the most malleable of them all – gold – is designed into a ring, earrings, a necklace, bracelet, etc.? It is handed down through generations of women as a token of true beauty and heritage.

What happens when pearls are polished after cultivation? They nestle into collarbones of established women with pride.

Clubbing clothes are probably not working clothes, but that doesn’t mean that our body parts should be locked away. You know what gets locked away? Prisoners. The quarantined. Dangerous things. Not breasts. And don’t ‘sit me down’ to tell me that you think my body should be hidden more cleverly. It is not a fun chase. It is not a game. These are breasts. I have them. Every woman does. Get over it.

You are the cause of hundreds of years of self-conscious women. You are the reason women are seen as less than men. It is not our fault because we sometimes wear skimpy dresses. The farmer’s wife and the prostitute have both suffered. And we’re tired of suffering.

It’s fine to say that women are precious, beautiful, and rich; we know that quite well by now. But we’re tired of hiding. We’re tired of being told that what we have needs to be hidden away in the lowest depths of the ocean or under a thick blanket of rock. We are not that kind of woman anymore. We have been cultivated, polished, refined. We are radiant and we are sparkling. Do not try to dim us; we do not tarnish.


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