Ebony and Ivory

Another night of you on the couch,

remembering your trips away

to a place too dear to stay

so far. Things just end that fast;

what was first soon becomes last,

and all you’re left with is the reminder

that you can never again find her

under your white sheets at dawn.

And so the mourning bids on.

You see pumpkin pie and recall

how he stood up with such gall

and laughed at how he hated it.

Because he laughed when he threw a fit.

It’s the humour in such things,

like engraving plastic rings,

that remind you life is just as calm

as laying on a couch.

Ebony and Ivory – a unique couple;

International tourists,

or maybe residents,

for they live on where they once stayed.

Legends or practicalities?

That’s what he asked when he looked at her.

The ebony night will bring ivory mornings

and band aids were made to fix torn things;

nothing lasts – it’s only cycles and re-runs.

So please delve into your Chaucers and Donnes,

and bid yourself away to worlds of satire and romance.

Wait upon the man who will come to ask a dance.

But never stray too far away from reality,

because the sad, cruel brutality

is that pumpkin pie is still served in cafes,

even when he can’t recall those days.

And so it’s just

another night of you on the couch.


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