Worlds (Violins and Taffy)

The moon is leaking in between the cracks

of the cobblestone streets,

reminiscing on the times that hooves

danced after the debutante ball had ended.

The shimmering lake that promises

a fine-tuned tomorrow

licks the lips of unrequited lovers.

Bathing suits line the brick bridge

that delves into ancient soil.

Their teeth bare fresh and clean,

but the world is only proving nasty things.

But the world is a moonlight away,

ticking away like a clock in the afternoon glow.

Nocturnal breeds like children and unfulfilled dreamers

don’t listen to such a world that limits

the arena of time.

Soul is embodied in these creatures,

creatures of ebony and ivory,

platinum, gold, jade, silver, and sometimes just rock.

The minerals of the city confine the nonbelievers,

but even spiderwebs are stronger than diamonds.

Here’s to the children and the unfulfilled dreamers,

the darers of time and the limiters of economy.

Damn to those who swim in the lake

then forget that a bird is just as sane as he.

Not all teeth are quite as pearly as those who take time

to pull string between each delicate thing in life.

Strings of violins and taffy.

The bathing suits are dripping and soon time will

tell them they are dried up.

But if a moment lasts forever, we are forever

damp with the laughter of a child

and the swollen legs of a freedman.

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder,

as beauty is only a tenant of time.

Pretend just for a night that the moon can possibly shine

through the cracks of cobblestone streets

and that the past is forever dancing on our walkways.

The future is an open door that has been unlocked

with the fact that forever is in our irises

and that moonlight is eternal.


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