From Behind

Hold me from behind

so I can kiss the yellow sky

in my dreams,

only imagining that I know what it all means.

Hold me from behind

so I can pretend you’re looking at me

the same way that I look

at the world; extraordinary.

If I can feel your hands cup my ribs and shoulders,

I’ll know that this can warm us

despite the terrestrial rainfall

on this metaphorical world of ours.

I want your heartbeat to sink through my shirt

and into my very core,

to remind me that I’m not the only one

with a pulsing chest.

Our kisses are only imaginary;

we’re really just embracing the world of the romantics,

the type who conquered dragons and kingship.

It’s a strange sort of imperial lifestyle,

in which we give our all to some intangible ideology.

The clock is ticking away the hours that I can’t sleep,

but it’s your breath that soothes me anyway.

It’s your sheets being your sheets that give them

a genuine sense of home and belonging.

The night is stealing away such kisses

and burning holes into our patriotic flags

that vouch for freedom of unseen forces,

like liberty and love.

So for the time being, however fleeting the stars are,

please just hold me from behind.


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