Look for the smile.

You’ve searched fruitlessly in the abundance of pillows and sheets

that have been warmed in a wooden apartment

surrounded by glass and steel.

You’ve fallen over yourself in heels that have reached the Empire State

and then crawled back in vain with bruises and blisters.

The pages of the old texts say that you were destined to be with a spirit

that will lead you to holiness and eternity,

but there are no arrows pointing you to him,

no bows to spring you forward.

Hiding only seems inviting when you’ve been burned in the sun 5 times in two years,

but you miss the sun in the winter.

You always go back to the sun, because Sunday is your favourite day.

The music only narrates your emotions through beats and melodies,

but sitting still and listening is the most pleasurable route to decay.

Kisses after dinner, kisses in the bed, kisses behind church doors.

Kisses, kisses, kisses,

and no smiles.

The serpent never smiled in the garden,

and neither did the sheep on the sacrificial stone.

Bitter we’ve grown in the economy of saving genuine happiness in banks

that charge interest if you expend too much joy.

But I was never afraid of debt, and neither was the one who smiled.


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Amazing !!
    Even i wrote about Smiling.

  2. Vinny Lanni says:

    Wow, those last few lines are amazing. This is so, so good ^^

    1. emmatomic says:

      Thank you so much!!

      1. Vinny Lanni says:

        Of course, you’re an amazing writer Ms. super talented.

      2. emmatomic says:

        You’ve made my day!

      3. Vinny Lanni says:

        Glad I could help (:

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