New Years Rant

Happy New Year!!!

It’s approximately 4 a.m. and I’ve been up nearly 24 hours and I’m still a little drunk while writing this. Good start.

In short, my new years kiss never showed up, which led me into a whirlwind of harmful memories of past lovers and then some even more harmful self-shaming thoughts. Amid the drunken stupor and the New Year’s excitement, I still felt discontented by the lack of romantic company.

Wow, I know. Shocking.

Majority of the evening I was relatively sober (up until the tequila came out) and so while I was fully functional, my friend looked at me with dewy, romantic eyes and said something along the lines of, “Emma, you’re beautiful. I know I’m drunk so you probably won’t believe me, but you are. You’re so pretty and smart and you have a huge heart. Don’t be so self conscious. You’re worth a lot.”

Coming from her, a dear friend, it was amazing. It didn’t matter that she was drunk; I knew she meant it sober, too. (Always a good thing to say, right?)

So this brings me back to one of my ‘resolutions’. Just kidding. I don’t like using that term entirely. I just want to change the priorities in my life. I want to be able to appreciate the company I have rather than always searching for something more. Romance isn’t always better than friendship, and I can’t neglect the loved ones I already have in favor of searching for a man that probably isn’t destined to be in my life right now.

The point of this story? I’m still obsessed with the prospect of love. Go me, go.

Also, here’s to an amazing 2016: a year we can finally set our priorities straight and appreciate more what we have in our lives.


*** Side note: I was annoyed by the little red lines so I wrote everything the American way even though I’m usually so opposed to that (I’m Canadian).




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  1. When we learn to appreciate what we have only then can we stop searching for what we lack. Just concentrate on knowing Jesus and He will give us our hearts desire This sounds easy but is very difficult to walk in. Blessings.

    1. emmatomic says:

      You’re absolutely right. Definitely focusing on building my relationship with God over anything else this year.

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