Do Nots and Go Forths

Do not be intimidated by the negatives in life.

Do not be intimidated by the ‘should nots’ and ‘could nots’

and ‘have nots’ and ‘be nots’

because angels say ‘do not be afraid’

and ‘be ye not conformed to this world’.

Do not let the ‘do nots’ and the ‘shall nots’

prohibit you.

Do not let the negatives hold back your glory

and every story the parents told you when you were a boy.

Do not let them portray the world with black paint

that actually lacks the colour black.

Do not let the negatives keep you from colouring in actual black

and every other colour of people.

Do not let the ‘drink here nots’ and the ‘live here nots’

keep you from drinking and living wherever you please

because you love wine and cheese

and the fancy things Parisians delight in.

Do not let the ‘ne pas’ form thoughts in your brain

that are incoherent with the negativity of the world

that you were unfortunately born into.

Do not let the misfortunes of your birth

make you fear the fortunes of your future.

Age is positive, always. Age brings you wealth

beyond the people who say ‘be nots’ and ‘should nots’.

You will be richer than anybody who wears ‘shoulds’ and ‘cans’.

You will be freer from those who say ‘musts’ and don’t say ‘shants’.

Negative women never got the opportunity to wear pants.

And so the

shoulds and the c



are only momentary glances at what we want

in a world that


s in c

on form it


Be ye not afraid, dear brother. Be ye sure in your positives and in your faith.

Go forth and do well – no, that’s not it – do good.


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