It’s a simple word, but the only one that opens doors to opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Considering I’m an introvert and already lack ‘alone time’, it’s extremely easy to put off plans and to tell people that I’m too busy. Lately I’ve been facing a lot of distance from my friends, though, and the realization hit me that I’m not tuned into the world anymore.

How do I tune in more? By saying “yes”.

Yes to drifting in the snow even though I’m quite terrified of accelerated speeds and the daunting concept of being out of control. Yes to meeting new people and trying to genuinely get to know them, not just pass time with them but really just waiting to go home. Yes to possibly bad decisions because hey, at least it’s something to write about.

I can’t just ask life to give me something. It’s a negotiation. Life presents me with an idea and an opportunity and then I have to accept it. We shake hands and I gain an experience. If I say no all the time, I’m not going to gain much from sitting at home or working all the time.

It’s 2016. Say “yes” a little more to life.


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