If you look inside of you,

you should not see the remains of a former lover,

a man who once gripped your arm and

sewed your lips shut with his.

His hollow mind should not encapsulate

your skull, one that could be brilliant.

You should not see a coward,

a girl who is afraid of saying no,

a girl that bends and twists

when her friends tell her she is doing wrong

when she is too pretty,

too brilliant,

too driven,

too happy.

You should not see a face that doesn’t look like your own.

No face that isn’t yours has cried over the same heartbreaks

and laughed at the same memories.

That is not your face to wear inside.

I once called my body a temple to house beautiful things.

I invested in luxuries I didn’t think I was worthy of.

That was the day I could look myself in the mirror

and that was the night I could sleep alone peacefully.


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