Please Wear Your Pearls

I used to be able to wrap you in my golden chains

And squeeze gently to give you a

Precious embrace.

You had not felt the tips of my red polished claws then.

We were two apprehensive and beautiful persons.

Something happened when I dropped the ink to the page

And splattered a little on my white denim.

What happens to beautiful women when they become

A beloved?

Catty jokes become arguments and flirtatious jealousy

Becomes a war crime.

The deep and polished voice of our first date

Is now a rustic and traditional Psycho scream.

And then silence.

Hearts pounded for our sisters fighting wars

And now they beat louder and louder

When it’s late and our phones are quiet.

Because we don’t know if that’s a sister or a fish

And if we were a cat or a mouse running the whole time.

I crave glittering diamonds next to a glass of whiskey

And I’m afraid of being a set of pearls.

When I wear my gold chains remember that I still carry

The venom in my kisses.

And when I scratch your back in ecstasy,

I am not the girl crying in the night.


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