Krispy Kreme Dreams (purple and blue)

The notes are purple and blue
And mixed with the smells of whiskey
In the jazz bar parked in her dad’s car.
Fingers tap away with clicks and licks,
And faces are lost in the pale blue stories. 
Scarlet silk drapes over her jagged shoulders
On a midnight Friday.
Veins popping from her pearls underneath
The fleshy childhood memories.
Concrete sinks between her fingers,
And the cobwebs clot his teeth.
Little lights jolting through starlight glazed with sugar,
Like whispers that warm the skin and make the heart sink –
They sound so sweet.
Illusionists smoking outside the funhouses,
Coughing as they call after the silky figure in the shadows.
He takes her hand
Then places it gently on her hip.
He fades into the black.
Krispy Kreme dreams and lean bodies
Drenched with sweat and fake apologies.
One more chance,
Dancing in the night with all the other chances,
All the dreams of Italy and love letters.
All is lost in the land of lust,
Coated in dust and bourbon
And the bruises of purple and blue.


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