“Just say yes.”

So a funny thing happened. I’m not a t.v. person. I don’t usually like sitting down and watching shows that I’m not genuinely passionate about. However, waiting for a call, I decided to put on the television.

I flip channels, which I  know is a pet peeve for some people. On show, Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City” is proposed to and her friend says, “Just say yes.” I was not affected then, but when I switched channels, almost immediately another character said the very same thing – for a whole different situation, mind you.

So it hit me.

I figure that since it did “hit me”, it should mean something to me. However, I can’t place a finger on what exactly I’m supposed to say ‘yes’ to. I’m not being proposed to, I’m not being offered a job, and I’m not being accepted into a University (yet).

Is this a general thing? Is this a life-lesson-to-heal-anxiety? The thing is, I know that just letting go and saying yes is a good thing in life a lot of times. I’ve learned that lesson.

So why is the word ‘yes’ so important, so powerful?


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